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Happy Tax Day!

April 15, 2009

Yesterday was a good day. I had questions answered that I wanted to know for a while. See, I have been coughing after running/working out/any type of cardio for the past year or so. I figured it had to do with a lung issue, so I went to the doctor a few weeks ago. He decided I should have asthma testing. The first part of this testing was on my own–take an inhaler for a week and a half before I exercise and see how I feel afterwards. Same thing for the next week and a half but don’t take the inhaler and see how you feel. Well, when I was on the inhaler, I felt great afterwards–no problems And then the symptoms came back when I didn’t take it.

Fast forward to yesterday, I had a chest x-ray and a pulmonary function test. Chest x-ray came back clear, but I was way below where I should be with the pft. For a person my age, height and weight, I should be forcefully outputting 4.3L of air within the first second, and I’m only outputting 3L. It got slightly better with an albuterol breathing treatment (man, talk about the jitters afterwards!!), but not much.

In otherwords, I get to take an inhaler before I do any type of strenuous activity from now on. Depending on how that is working out for me in the next month or so, I may or may not have to move up to an inhaled steroid. Let’s pray that I don’t have to!

Yesterday I also got my heart rate monitor (Polar F6). I strapped it on for ballet, and whaddya know! I burned 627 calories in 1.25 hours! I can’t wait to see how much running burns.

I ALSO got my first pair of hiking shoes… I had been hiking in my running shoes (don’t yell at me! they were the only thing I had!). BUT this weekend, we were walking a particularly rocky path, and stubborn old me saw the rock, and still stepped on the rock. When I felt the pain go up through my lower leg that’s when I knew I had to get a good pair of shoes. So the lady at the outdoors store here helped me find a pair of shoes for light trail hiking that I could use for running trails too if I so desired. I came away with the Merrell Siren Ventilator. I wish I could wear them to work! They feel so nice!

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