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SmartBoards and Orffestra

November 6, 2009

Ahhh, yay! I had the opportunity to sub in a music class today. The teacher had specifically requested me because she knew I had a music education degree. I love when that happens–it can quite literally make my day. I can pass on my passion to students who may or may not enjoy the music as I do, but that is alright; I’m doing what I love.

One of the fun things about subbing today was using the SmartBoard. I haven’t used one since my college days when we were required to give a presentation on one for one of my education classes. The boards were still relatively new at this point in time, but still very cool. There hasn’t been much added in the past few years–the concept is basically the same.

The other neat thing about this particular music class were the two Orff classes. I haven’t been around Orff much, just Kodály, so I learned a lot about how music is arranged and played. These particular groups of students seemed to enjoy what they were doing. One of the classes played the entire period. They didn’t care too much about watching the movie the teacher had said they could watch after they were finished rehearsing; they really just wanted to play. And so they did. The joy on the girls’ faces while they played, even when they made mistakes, was incredible. Seeing the pride they have in what they are doing is one of the rewards of being a music teacher. This is when you know you’ve done something right 🙂

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