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Learning to Save

November 7, 2009

Saving money is becoming like a game for me. I really cut coupons for the first time last weekend, determined to save us some money on groceries this week. It mostly worked, especially since this week ended up being a more expensive week for us due to some Health/Beauty products we needed.

I’m still learning this game, but let me tell you, I was super excited when I got mashed potatoes (Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes–I don’t make real ones :-p) for $.20 because my coupon doubled. And when I got 3 deodorants for about $4.50–all because I had two different coupons for the same brand (Buy2Get1 & $.50/1 which doubled). These were probably my big saves of the day. BUT I watched the sales circular and tried my best to shop off that (it was pretty cruddy choices this week to be honest–I only ended up saving about $8.50 with my Bonus Card) and used coupons. Altogether, I ended up saving about $30 off my original total. Not too shabby.

And the best part? I got my certificate for a free turkey/lasagna for Thanksgiving. We will be doing lasagna this year as I don’t know that I’ll be up to cooking a full dinner at 8 (and almost 9!) months pregnant…

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