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Oy vey, everybody.

November 14, 2009

It’s been a busy Saturday in the Roberts’ household. For some reason, my body wanted me to wake up at the bright and early hour of 7:00 am (seriously, I only have a few more weekends I’m allowed to sleep in–I would really like that privilege!). I just chilled for a couple of hours in the quietness of the morning, and then apparently it was time to rock & roll! I got ready for the day and headed to MBC’s bookstore since Sarah told me she had something for me and the babe. A cute basket FULL of diapers! Also, Jake made us a lasagna to be saved for when Katie arrives. And so the freezer stuffing begins!

I also headed downtown to watch the band kids (the class I’m subbing for this week and next) march in the Veterans Day parade. They did awesome 🙂 The trek uphill back to my car was a little painful… I was completely red and apparently should have had my inhaler with me because I was definitely coughing up a storm after I got back to the car.

We also got quite a bit of the remaining boxes/miscellaneous items out of the nursery and should be able to start putting it together pretty quickly. I can’t wait to see the final product!!! Hopefully we’ll get to work on it some more tomorrow so that we can rearrange and put the crib together. Did I mention I feel so behind on everything? I feel like we should already have this done, since we could feasibly (but hope to God that we don’t) have a baby right now.

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